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200 mile victory lap; ragnar cape cod


200 miles in a van full of new friends with one goal, run to raise awareness and funds to end the stigmas surrounding drug and alcohol addiction recovery. We accomplished way more than that, we became a family. #werecovertogether

Podcasts have become a thing for Elizabeth, she seeks out knowledge and to understand how other handle the suck we call life.


staying in the know

podcasts keep Elizabeth company


running 26.2 miles in recovery makes me hungry

I AM in recovery.

Because I was 218 sober, Elizabeth and I got to travel 3,000+ miles from Boston to Los Angeles for the LA Marathon to support the Herren Project the weekend of March 23-25, 2019

I have Bipolar and for most of my life it has had a long leash on me. I have attempted suicide more than once. I have been hospitalized as a boy and as an adult as well. I have been through Foster Care homes and have been pretty close to being homeless too.


Finding balance beyond bipolar

running and photography help

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