The Mental Game

Kettle bell swings and Russian twists

The hardest part of working out or running for me is getting out the door, overcoming the voice in my head that is filling me full of doubt.

If there is one thing I have learned in the past 9 years it is that positive, forward, action is the only way to silence the self destructive voices that exist to keep us from being our best true selves.

Once you start moving forward things change, new habits form, and your ideas and ideals evolve and transform.

In 2010 I was 265 lb and had reached the end of my rope, rock bottom if you will. I had to ask myself the tough question was this all I had to offer the world? Was this all I had to offer myself? I needed to become a victor of my past circumstances not stay a victim of them. In order to do that I needed to take responsibility for today and to hold myself accountable if I don’t do more healthy things to create a brighter tomorrow.

My workout today:

I started with a fast 4.5 miler to get my heart rate up and today was beautiful so a good sweat on as well.

Then I headed in to the Mount Fitness Center to do some core work and kettle bell swings too.

100 Kettle Bell Swings

can be done with lighter weight as well

35 lbs for 30 reps

40 lbs for 30 reps

45 lbs for 40 reps

Make sure to pop your hips and at the top of the swing to allow full extension past your head before you bring the bell back down.

200 weighted Russian Twists

12lb med ball

can be done with lighter weight or no weight at all

If you have an ab bench gravity helps to push your abs a bit harder but if you don’t, no worries. When you start your first set try to keep your feet off the ground to get more from it.

25 reps side to side and 25 reps pushing towards the sky as well.

4 sets in total.

We meet up and run the Fitchburg hills on wed nights near longsjo middle school for at least 30 minutes together,better.

To finish off my fitness for the day I met up with the #runfitchburg crew in Fitchburg, Mass for 30 minutes of hill running.

Overall it was a great day of Mental Health movement that helps me overcome the doubts and fears that lie in the shadows of my mind.

What did you do today to conquer your fears?

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