Mike Wardian ran 10 marathons in 10 days on 7 continents

He runs a lot, so much so that he has already raced over 1,100 miles and it’s only May.

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From Antarctica to Miami and back home to Virginia Mike has logged miles to set records and see what his body and mid are truly capable of.

He traveled to Israel to tackle a trail from the South to the North relying heavily on the running community there to get him through it.

two weeks later he tackled the Boston Marathon and now he and his teammates at Team Hoka are trying to break the record for the 100k and the 50 miler in Sacramento California in the super secret project carbon X shoe. Follow along in hid pursuits at his social handles and website below as well as our first podcast we did together.

Discover how the Boston Marathon sparked Mike’s career at this link Mike Wardian Ultra runner

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