What Keeps Us Running

RoadID: Running with a buddy is one of the best ways to stay safe, but sometimes that just isn’t practical, especially if you have to get up before the sun or run just before bedtime. Given to us for a wedding present (yes, our friends know us quite well), the RoadID is just a simple rubber bracelet with whatever contact information you’d like printed on a plate. You could have your name and blood type, or you could have the phone number of a loved one. We each have the others’ phone number printed on the band, as well as the address of a close family member. Starting at $25, and moving up the line to $35, there’s a style and price point for just about everyone.. They even have tags for your pet. The silicone band is comforatable and durable. Alan keeps his on all the time, never taking it off, while mine sits next to my watch at night while it charges. You can also get a band for someone else, like a child, with an emergency address and phone number printed on it so they never forget who to call or where to go if they are lost or in danger. This small bracelet is one of the best pieces of gear we own.


NoxGear: Alan and I are both training for marathons right now, which means juggling work, family, and when we can run can be a challenge. NoxGear makes it less challenging by lighting you up like a holiday light show during those dark runs. Cycling through several different colors and light patterns, this super lightweight vest makes it easy for cars and other runner to spot you. With a one-button control and adjustable straps, I often forget I’m wearing mine. One note, the vest is meant to light you up, not the road ahead. If you want something that will light up the terrain, a traditional headlamp is the way to go. For those of you who run with your pup, Nox also makes a doggie light vest. We have the Tracer360 model, but there are various styles and types. Regularly $69.95, it’s on sale right now for $55.  https://www.noxgear.com/tracer360

Aftershokz: OK, these are totally not a necessary item, but I’m putting them on our list because we know SO many people who run with headphones. Having worked with many blind and visually impaired athletes and guides, I know just how dangerous traditional headphones can be -- you can’t hear runners or cars around you if the volume is fairly loud on in-ear headphones. Enter Aftershokz. Using bone-conduction technology, these headphones actually sit OUTSIDE of your ear, allowing you to hear everything going on around you as well as the music that keeps you motivated. These pair easily with bluetooth and have simple controls that are easy to access during a run. Plus, they are lightweight and quite comfortable even during longer runs. We like the Titanium model which will run you $99.95 and is worth every penny. https://aftershokz.com/collections/all

Do you have a favorite piece of gear? Share with us in the comments.

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