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Roger Carr repping hard our gear

Roger Carr repping hard our gear

Elizabeth and I have built a logo and gear that speaks from our passion for life, running and each other. Some of the gear we create is built to give back, to give back to organizations that matter to us and perhaps matter to you too. We use Customink to build hats with our run based logo because they allow us to fundraise for causes that matter to us and they get to the customer without ever touching our hands. The funds raised get right to the organization as well at the end of the campaign. Check out the hats we built for this campaign that goes til June 4th and in order for the hats to get printed 12 hats need to be purchased. In order to raise some good dollars 25-50 hats need to be bought, so we are reaching out to you because we heard through the run communities we are in that people like the design with the hammerhead and the state of Massachusetts. Here is your chance to help an organization that helped me find Sobriety The Phoenix Multi Sport they help those in recovery through physical fitness ranging from crossfit to surfing.

Here is the link to buy a hat, donate some funds and perhaps save a life, rebuild a person, a family, a community, and a stronger society by making a big ripple through your actions.

We Recover Together hat campaign

We also use Teespring to build fun tees and hoodies, mugs, and stickers check it out at the links below

The Fierceful market place

The Runnah market place

The Littlebits of life market place

Thanks for checking us out.

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